sex appeal

It’s nice for people to say you are intelligent, witty, generous, cool or chic, but the best compliment of all is to be called sexy. If you’re sexy, you’ve got the lot. But what makes one sexy? Countless studies have decided face shape, hair, and smell are three of the most important things. We can’t make your face more symmetrical or give you the whiff of a healthy immune system, but we’ve got a few ideas on what makes hair sexy. Discover them below.

Shine: Youthfulness portrays fertility; ergo, humans are hardwired to interpret youth as attractive and sexy. There’s lots of ways to make hair shiner. Use SHINE LUXE oil and shine spray to add glisten and gleam to existing styles. For something longer-lasting, visit your colorist for a glaze. A glaze is a quick, easy way to add light reflection to your tone.

Length: Sorry shorties, but long hair is another symbol of youth and fertility. Getting healthy long hair means not giving way to the temptation to get it cut into that new celebrity style everyone is talking about, and not using too much heat for styling. Just trim the ends every 2 months to avoid split ends and encourage healthy growth.

Lived-In Beats Over-Done: Natural looking tousled waves and soft flowing movement that dances all round the eyes, cheekbones, and temples is so much sexier than an overly stiff, done up style. Think Victoria’s Secret models: The hair is wavy, thick, soft, and long.

Color:  A recent study at the University of South Brittany, France, suggests hair color is the biggest factor in our first impression of a mate. Building on past studies that suggest, like with shine and length, color affects our perception of fertility, the University’s experiments found men 20% more likely to be alerted to a blonde than a brunette. Time to go flaxen!

Face Shape & Symmetry: Having a face which is equal on both sides is a biological advert which tells prospective partners that good genes will be found in this body. Unfortunately, very few of us have perfectly symmetrical faces; but you can create an illusion of a more symmetrical face by finding your perfect placement for a parting. Don’t do center-parts unless you are sure you are one of the lucky few with perfect facial symmetry. Splitting the face right down the middle will only highlight imperfections. Typically, your most photogenic side is where you want to place emphasis, so part your hair that way. If in doubt, ask your stylist.

Sexy Roller Sets!: It may seem old-fashioned, and it’s certainly more time consuming than modern hot tools, but roller setting the hair is the most reliable way to get lots of volume, shine, smoothness, tousle and movement is one all-conquering, dripping with sex appeal, hairstyle. Plus, a good roller set lasts for 2-3 days at least, so the time investment is worth it.

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