Halloween is a great time to go wild and bring out your inner child. One thing that can be fun is picking up a brightly colored hair spray and sporting a bold lime green or a blinding hot pink for the tricks and treats of the night. But do you really know everything about those Halloween colors? Click the notes for the rules of the game.

1) Stains everywhere. These colors may be temporary for your hair but they will stain nearly everything else. Never spray them indoors and if you do, spray in your shower and immediately rinse the shower after. When applying make sure you are in costume first, wrap a dark towel around you, then apply.


2) The color in this spray acts like a mix of hair spray and dry shampoo. If your hair is not already set how you want it for the night you won’t be able to put it how you want after this goes in. Apply color only to styled hair.


3) Don’t fall asleep with the color in your hair. It will stain your entire bed, knot up your hair, and cause this temporary color to turn into a semi permanent. No matter how tired you are at the end of the night, make sure to wash it out before sleeping or be stuck with Halloween hair into November.


4) Lightened hair, steer clear. Sorry, but no matter how temporary you think this is if you hair has been lightened at all (this includes brunettes who have just made their hair slightly lighter) this is going to stick and ruin your shade longer than you want. Stick to hair chalk or spray chalk.


5) If there is a chance of rain, bring an umbrella. Actually bring a back up one too! This color is meant to wash out; if your hair gets wet you could have blue, green, or purple running down your face and destroying your costume.


6) Make them super temporary by priming your hair for them. Wash hair and deep condition. Once hair is completely styled spray primp everywhere and let it completely set, then spray your color. It will make the color stick to the hair spray not your strands.

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