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These days we seem to like our beauty rites and rituals as specialized as possible. Perhaps it’s because beauty editors and brand marketers have, in the search for our undivided attention, created subcategories for every kind of hair type. While there are times when this is helpful, like when you want to tailor a hair cut or cleansing or styling product to your particular needs, the focus on personalized regimens can make us forget that, for great hair every day, there’s certain things pretty much all of us should do the same. Learn 6 big tips in the notes. 

One: Don’t fuss when there’s no need to. If you don’t have to do your hair, don’t. The less you fuss with your hair the less stress and the less damage.

Two: Always use a concentrator nozzle or diffuser. Perfect blowouts only happen when you have a nozzle attached to your dryer. It makes it possible to control and direct airflow. Diffusers are the only way to dry waves and curls frizz free if you don’t have the time for an air dry.

Three: Shampoo your their hair only a couple times a week. Over washing leads to color fading and dry hair. Keep shampooing to an absolute minimum, but condition every day or almost every day.

Four: When you are growing out your hair, don’t get creative with color. Changing your hair color often leads to damage, which leads to the need for a cut and, thus, shorter hair. If you are growing long locks stick to simple color.

Five: Detangle hair before bed. Any tangles in hair before bed are only going to get much worse after you sleep on them. Trying to get them out in the morning is going to lead to lots of little broken pieces. Brush hair at night and be left with softer hair in the morning.

Six: Don’t copy trends like for like, adopt the bits that suit you best. Celebrity trends don’t work for everyone and copying that dramatic Katy Perry pink bob may be a bad choice for your complexion and face shape. Take the qualities you like about the trend and make them fit into your personal style.

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