It’s 2016 and you’ve finally found the perfect shade. You want to keep it vibrant, bright, full of life. It helps you extend time, and save money, between salon appointments; it helps you walk with the great hair strut. The trick to keeping colored hair tip-top is some smart choices, and the commitment to the right regimen at home. Learn heavenly hair color care tips below. 

Stay In Control, Mind That Tone: Celebrity Instagram accounts combined with modern fashion and beauty trends have made pink, green, and blue hair seem normal. While these looks can be edgy and fashionable, extreme colors usually do the most damage, and fade the fastest. If you want healthy-looking, lustrous and shimmering hair color that lasts the longest, have the discipline to stay within two or three levels of your natural tone.

Sulfate-Free Is the Way to Be: Sulfates strip hair color. Anyone who pays hundreds of dollars for a beautiful hue only to go to the drug store to buy their shampoo will either have to make more salon visits, or accept losing their dynamic ‘do. Ask you colorist for a sulfate-free recommendation; you can go with regimens like SHINE LUXE for opulent luxury, or Gentle cleansers if you prefer organic.

Lean to the Dry Clean: With constant use, even sulfate-free and organic wet shampoos and conditioners will dull hair color eventually. Lean towards dry cleaning your hair, as you would a red silk dress. Dry Shampoo soaks up excess oils without taking color out; Dry Conditioner adds moisture and silky sheen. Wet-wash 2-3 times weekly Use and Dry Clean on other days.

Once A Week, Deep Cleaning Treat: Hair color does take out moisture from the hair shaft, leaving it feeling a little (or a lot) brittle and dry and damaged. Replenishing moisture is probably the most important thing you can do to make the hair feel lustrous and silky soft. We love Whipped Treatment. It comes out like a lovely thick whip, the olive oil and shea butter are incredibly rich in moisture, and the product is also color-saving.

Cheat On Heat: We know your straightening iron is hot. All that sweet heat feels so good, doesn’t it? Trouble is, it’s a bad boy. Heat on hair is drying and damaging. Usually a little bit of what you fancy doesn’t do much harm, especially if you use Thermal Protection, but because color is drying too, it’s better not to double up, lest you get caught out.

Get the Hat Down Pat: Whether it’s the color-fading properties of UV rays, dry humidity, or the wind and rain and snow, hats (and headscarves) protect tresses from the worst of the elements, which is especially important for maintaining healthy hair color.

Shine Is Divine: Smooth, shiny hair is a great way to spotlight your hair color, as the more it shines, the more the color will reflect. Using Cream Whip, detangle hair first, so there’s smoothness not snags, air dry, and use products like Healing Oil or Shine Spray to add color-enhancing sparkle to the finish.

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