Luscious hair


Luscious. We all want hair with that pleasingly rich opulence that makes us feel happier and more attractive. But, instead, many of us have a buildup of dryness and damage that has us ready to believe in the latest $500 miracle treatment (available for $29.95 via an infomercial). Yet the real panacea for hair that is dull and dowdy is a daily routine full of the habits of great hair. Here’s seven of the best. . . .

Bear no Heat: We all use hot tools sometimes. But if you really want luscious locks you can’t do it more than once a week, and even then you need to liberally use a heat protectant. If you want texture, try braiding your hair the day before and untwine when you’re ready to roll; you’ll get more natural looking waves and curls than what and iron would give you.

Sleep on Silk: The smooth soft silkiness of silk is kind on the cuticle. It won’t rough your hair up the same way a cotton pillow will, which means less frizz and less flyaway hairs. Get some luxury in your life and your locks, switch to silk.

Pick Pro Products: It’s not true that drugstore brands are the same quality as professional products. Drugstore brands are full of parabens and the formulations are weak, so you need to use a lot of product each time you shampoo and condition, which leads to excessive buildup. Result: Flaky scalp, dry hair, dulled color, and general lifelessness. Professional products have kinder, richer formulations that are also more concentrated, meaning they last longer, which will easily make up any price difference. But most importantly the formulas moisturize the scalp and the hair, keep strands soft, healthy, full of life, and retained color.

Eat Right: What you eat plays a big role in shine, growth, and volume. Iron, zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids, and protein are the best for stimulating your hair follicles for strong and healthy hair growth.

Get Regular Trims: Even if you are determined to have Rapunzel-style hair by the summer, getting your hair trimmed often is one of the most important steps to luscious locks. Remember that the ends are the oldest, most worn part of your hair strand. The longer you keep them, the worse they become, eventually splitting up the shaft. Trim off an inch or so every 6 weeks to keep hair in optimal condition for looking luscious and growing well.

Detangle: Mid length and long hair is prone to the occasional tangle. If you don’t detangle regularly you’ll end up with lots of knots and snarls and that makes styling your hair with smoothness and shine all but impossible. Detangle, gently, from root to tip with a wide tooth comb once a week.

Put Shampoo & Conditioner Where They Are Supposed to Go: Shampoo is required more at the scalp and the roots to cleanse excess oils and remove product buildup; conditioner is required more on the ends, where the extra moisture is needed to restore luster to the oldest and driest part of the strand.

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