Winter weather can get you feeling frumpy and down, which is likely why salons are busier in January than July. Exiting the hair salon with perfectly glossy and vibrant hair color perks us up when we feel shabby and pale. But returning to the salon two weeks later wondering where all that magic went makes us mad as hell. While professionals do sometimes get things wrong, the most common reason why color fades too quickly for our liking is the way we treat the hair before and after the dye job. Eight simple rules can give you longer lasting, brighter color. Following these steps will make your feel better about your beauty investment, and extend the time you have to go back to the salon for a touch up.  Get the scoop below. . . 

1. Wash before you color. You may have heard that you should go in for a root touchup with dirty hair, but the opposite is actually true. This advice comes from the early days of hair color when the chemicals were much harsher. Nowadays most color lines actually recommend you shampoo hair within 24 hours of your appointment. Go in with clean, product-free hair for maximum penetration and vibrancy of color.

2. Limit your hairspray usage. Hairspray has a high alcohol content which can dry and dull your color. This can damage your cuticle layer which keeps color molecules in and protects them from the sun.

3. Protect your hair the way you protect your skin. If you want to prevent fading you need to be diligent. Use color save shampoo and conditioner every time you wash, even at the gym or on your weekend out of town.

4. Deep condition every weekend. This one is all about consistency. Keeping your locks hydrating prevents breakage and adds shine for more reflection. Reflectivity adds vibrancy.

5. Dry Clean Hair, Shampooing Twice Weekly at the Most: Do you put your expensive red silk dress in the wash with your sweats? Of course not; you take it to the dry cleaners to avoid stripping away the beautiful color. Treat your colored hair in a similar way. Instead of wet shampooing several times weekly, which strips away color, dry clean your hair with refinish dry shampoo and refresh dry conditioner.

6. Decrease the Heat: Dyed hair is more susceptible to damage; avoid using blow dryers and hot irons as much as possible. Become a wash and wear type of gal, letting your color-treated hair dry naturally.

7. Wear a Hat or Headscarf: UV rays still effect your hair and skin in winter, even if you don’t feel it. Not only will a headpiece help to keep your hair warm, and thus reduce risk of breakage, it will stop UV from weakening your hair color.

8. Healthy Diet: Ok, so we most people eat healthy to stay lean but there are other benefits too, like shinier, more lustrous hair that reflects colors more beautifully than hair that is deflated and dull.

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