We see plenty of smooth, sleek topknots, but AnnaLynne McCord is taking the trend for a spin by rocking a topknot with gritty texture and curly tendrils hanging in front. This is a playful way to try out a structured hair trend, and we love that AnnaLynne is staying true to her curly roots. The bun is voluminous and messy, and the loose strands of hair give it a carefree look that is perfect for summer.

Step: Towel dry hair to damp. Apply volume foam from roots to ends. Blowdry hair loosely with hands to achieve a messy voluminous look.

Step: Use a flat brush to direct the hair to the very top of the head. Pull hair into a ponytail at the top of the head and secure with an elastic. Leave a few tendrils of hair hanging down in front.

Step: To get AnnaLynne’s voluminous look, you’ll create a sock bun, so you’ll need either a round hair pad or a rolled up sock with the toe cut off. Pull hair through the donut-shaped pad, and fan the hair out around the pad. Pin hair in place underneath the hair donut. Randomly pull out a few strands of hair for a messy, carefree look.

Step: Pulse Refinish dry shampoo into hair to get a gritty texture with plenty of volume.

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