The messy, undone look is the rage for summer, yet sometimes tresses flying everywhere can rankle and bother –– “It’s too hot to have hair in my face!” Thankfully, there is another burning trend: the fishtail braid. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by an unkempt look, a fishtail is a great way to pull it together, with a flirty and fun, whimsical touch. Many are put off as it appears difficult to do, but it’s actually quite simple. Check the style notes for some tips to do it yourself… 

Step: Gather hair into a ponytail and secure with a clear elastic band. The ponytail should be placed wherever you want the braid to be. Divide hair in the pony into two equal parts.

Step: From one side of the divided pony, separate a strand and pass the piece to the other side. Next, take a strand from the other side of the pony and pass it to the first side. Continue till the fishtail entwine is complete. To keep the braid tight, it is a good idea to pull the two sides away from each other occasionally as you braid. This helps tighten the braided bits.

Step: Secure the ends with an elastic band. Cut off the elastic at the top of the braid (the elastic you used to make the original ponytail); it is no longer needed.

Step: You’re basic fishtail braid is complete, but here’s a few notes to help you tailor the aesthetic:

— For a loose, disheveled fishtail, gently pull out pieces from the finished look; keep it romantic, whimsical.

— For the sleekest fishtail, brush hair smooth before braiding. And as you braid, keep every entwine as tight as possible.

— For more of a textured, boho-inspired fishtail, lightly curl hair with curling iron prior to braiding.

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