To control cowlicks, tie down flyaways, fasten bangs to the side, or create an updo where would we be without the humble hair pin? But not all hair pins are the same. Like us, different pins have different things that they’re good at. The three main ones––bobby pins, large hair pins, and bun pins––each have their own personality, and are best used when they’re quirks suit the style you are going to create. For a simple guide that helps you always choose the right pin, click notes.


Bobby Pins: The most used of the hair pins, bobbies are great for fixing flyaways, placing bangs, and securing updos. If you have a thick, dense hair texture use them in small sections; if hair is on the fine side it’s a good idea to mist the pin with hairspray before putting it in; this helps them to hold and grip fine, slippery strands.


Large Hair Pins: Large hair pins are for large sections of hair. If, for example, you are making a faux bob, you can use one or two of these pins to tuck the hair under. Crossing two of them over in a ‘X’ pattern creates the most secure fix for any look.


Bun Pin: U-shaped pins are great for fashionable top knots and any kind of loose twist or big updo. Try them in translucent color to keep them invisible. To apply, aim the ends towards the scalp, scoop up the hair, and turn the pin 90-degrees as you insert into tresses.

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