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Whether one wants to increase tousle, smoothness or shine, show off character traits, or just have a style, since the beginning of time, women have looked for ways to beautify their manes. That begat the hair brush –– or at least crude ancient tools made of bone or shell. Happily, they’ve evolved. Today, hair brushes serve more than just styling purposes; they provide multiple benefits to hair and scalp. Choosing the right brush is important for creating healthy hair, shine, and a gorgeous, manageable style. Click through to style notes to learn which brush is best for you. –– Michelle Rotbart 

For Daily Brushing

A must have brush for all hair types is the round paddle brush, made up of a combination of natural boar and nylon bristles. The combination of bristles polishes hair perfectly. The nylon bristles massage the scalp and detangle knots, while the boar bristles stimulate the blood circulation under the scalp and distribute the natural oils throughout the hair for super-shiny locks.

For Detangling

A detangling brush with nylon bristles is great for smoothing out knots and snarls. It’s perfect to use in the shower. A square paddle brush is another great tool to enhance long hair. It’s flat and wide shape will straighten and detangle, making for long beautiful tresses.

For Blow-Drying

The ceramic round brush has an aerated barrel, providing faster drying time. The iconic bristles create softness and smoothness within the hair. Best yet it comes in a small, medium, and large size, perfect for customizing your style.

For Styling and Adding Volume

A round brush is great for giving curl and definition to styles. They are also great for adding lift. They come in several different sizes, customized for short, medium, or long hair. The Italian Long Bristle Brush is a luxurious brush to make hair healthy, shiny, and manageable.

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