Gorgeous Viva Luxury Blogger, Annabelle Fleur, adds a piquant punch to our day with this ever so sultry look. Simultaneously, her hair looks polished and defined, yet effortlessly carefree. It’s the long and loose layers –– and the lustrous, healthy hair –– that gives this style movement and softness. The separation on the ends, meanwhile, gives the texture and the edge.

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Cocktail Hair Creme –– for smoothness, softness  –– and Styling Creme –– for lift, shape and hold –– and apply liberally.

Step: Create a side-parting with comb. Blowdry bangs first. Use comb and Blowdry from side to side and then straight down –– this is the best way to create smooth, sexy bangs.

Step: Loosely blowdry rest of style. Use hands to toss hair around, lift off the root.

Step: About halfway down the hair shaft twist small sections of hair around two or three fingers. Blowdry the section up and down with the nozzle pointing down. This is a great way to great textural separation. Repeat on both sides, and toward the back.

Step: Shake out and tousle the style. Increase texture and volume and the slept-in feel with Refinish Dry Shampoo.

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