A good bang can put a smile on the face on even the dowdiest of girls. Whether shorter or longer, blunt or choppy, straight or to the side a fabulous fringe changes your look by focusing attention on the face; bangs add fierceness, mystery, sexiness, and glamor. And who doesn’t want that? Currently, they are trendy too, with models and celebs queuing up for the look. If you want this to be your fringe season, get a trio of tips in the notes.

Responsibility: Bangs have the power to change your life; and with great power comes great responsibility. Bangs need love. You will need to get them cut at least once a month. A lot of salons offer free bang trims, so it’s unlikely to cost more than a tip.

Considerations: If the commitment concerns you, you can mitigate it by going for soft and texturized bangs. Not only will a dead straight line be the neediest in terms of trims, it is harder to style perfectly straight one-length fringe. A side bang is another good way to control the commitment, as it is a lot easier to swoop, or even pin, a side bang away if it is a bit too long. If a straight bangs gets too long, they will cover the eyes in a shaggy dog look.

Styling: Bangs go forward and down and should be smooth or lightly textured. To create these effects a comb or paddle brush with a lightweight styler is your best bet. We recommend blowdrying bangs before the rest of the style; to do, apply set and style spray for lightweight hold and shine and apply hot air as you brush or comb bangs side to side to side, until about 80% dry. Finish blowdrying by directing hair as you want it to fall, either straight down or to one side. This professional technique for smooth and manageable bangs should take 2-3 minutes at the most.


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