Rising star Lily Collins went for a sleek, glamorous look at the CFDA Awards a few weeks ago, pairing a voluminous bun with her elegant dress. Slicked back on the top, this hairstyle has a certain sleekness, but it balloons into a fun bun that has a youthful feel. Check out the style notes to create a sophisticated bun with plenty of volume.

Step: Work some hair gel through damp hair.

Step: Pull hair into a tight ponytail at the crown of the head. Secure with an elastic.

Step: For this next step, you’ll either need to use a round hair pad or create your own with a rolled up sock with the toe cut off. Pull hair through the pad, which should be shaped like a donut. Make sure the hair fans out around the pad, then pin the hair in place underneath the hair pad to create the bun.

Step: Apply a bit more hair gel at the top of the head to keep the bun looking sleek and clean.

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