Abigail Breslin’s joyfully optimistic performance in Little Miss Sunshine is hard to forget, but she’s giving herself a teenage edge with this icy platinum blonde (image left), debuted at Power in Youth event, Universal City, CA. The bombshell iciness gives her a stark, attention-grabbing look that takes her from sunshine to siren. Perhaps the best thing to note from this is the way she reached her blonde ambition. Going in progressive stages over more than a year, Abigail’s slow and steady path from raven to golden to platinum is the best way to make big color changes because going gradually is less stressful on strands. For our tips on going from brunette to platinum over several seasons, click style notes.

Step: For natural brunettes who want to go platinum while keeping hair in the best possible condition, think of it as a long term process with your colorist –– start now and aim to be icy blonde by the advent of spring ’14.

Step: Talk to your colorist about your hopes and dreams. In the first appointment, ask to go to the lightest shade of brown. This should be able to be achieved without bleach, so your hair should still be healthy.

Step: As roots begin to grow in, go back to the salon to get golden blonde. Bleach will be required, but as you a now moving from lightest brown, it will be a relatively risk-free formula. Once bleached, your colorist will tone hair to classic golden blonde.

Step: Now that you’ve bleached, after-care becomes very important as bleach tends to dry out hair, leaving it porous and breakable. Use shine luxe shampoo and conditioner for a sulfate and paraben free daily regimen. Every few days, switch to using whipped treatment in lieu of the conditioner. This super-rich treatment conditioner is great for restoring strength and moisture while saving color.

Step: As roots re-grow, you can go back to your colorist and ask for platinum blonde. One big danger with platinum is that it is prone to making hair color appear somewhat brassy. Talk to your colorist about avoiding brassiness; one of the best techniques is to mix ash tones into the platinum shade; ash tones are the best for disguising and blending any brassy after effects.

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