Style Noted is a hair inspiration and insight blog. It is fashioned by ARROJO, a multi-award-winning, independent hairdressing brand, stationed in NYC.

Using the appreciation Nick Arrojo and his team of world-class stylists have for the art and craft of hairdressing, Style Noted finds great hair images and provides a short commentary on each look. We hope viewers use the pictures and words to find new hairstyle ideas, to be more creative when styling their own tresses, to enjoy celebrity transformations, and to learn more about the world of great hair.

What makes us unique is that we are a hair blog curated, written, and managed by a team of pioneering hairdressers.

To make Style Noted a scrapbook where all hairdressers can share their work, we also invite submissions from professionals. Whether it is a style of their own making, or a great hair image found on the Web, stylists can submit posts, here .*

In addition to posts focused on inspirational hairstyle, Style Noted provides step-by-step styling tutorials, hair trend reports, video content, editorial collections, hairstylists style-noting their own hair, advice helpful for anyone who visits a hair salon, and ideas for getting the most bang for your buck while attending to your crowning glory.

*Please Note: The decision on which submitted posts get published is at the discretion of Style Noted. If your post is published you will receive an email notification, and you will receive credit on the post.