Image: Vogue.com

Alexa Chung has a gorgeous natural wave. That’s a great way to be as it creates styling options: you can go straight, or encourage an easy-going natural texture. With her boho-chic vibe, Alexa usually chooses the latter option, as seen in this image of her sporting a loose, shoulder-grazing, layered long bob. The style has softness and movement, with graphic emphasis placed on texture. Perfectly imperfect, this is a great example of her signature look. For the color, soft chocolatey tones keep it bright and sultry, and brings out her great complexion. Get tips for styling similar shapes in the notes.

Step: Towel-dry hair. Cocktail styling whip and volume foam in palms.

Step: Work cocktail through hair, roots to ends.

Step: Allow to air dry. As it does, from ends to roots, cup, squeeze, scrunch sections of hair. (Imagine you are squeezing a stress ball, only be more gentle!) Repeat all over, and do it again every ten minutes as hair dries.

Step: Once dry, pulse Refinish dry shampoo into hair. Ruffle the roots and shake and tousle the shape.

Step: Part loosely in the middle with fingers and play with final aesthetic till happy.

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