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Amanda Seyfried is racking up the iconic roles. No sooner had she become accustomed to bourgeois passtimes as Cosette in Les Miserables than her mouthing off put her in prime position to play Linda Lovelace in the upcoming biopic, Lovelace. Here at Style Noted, however, we are swallowed up in her latest look. A strong and structured long length with light layering below the chin, it is a dramatic cut for fierce cheekbones. Amanda has a beautifully symmetrical face, which means the center-part works in an elegant, sexy way. For most visages, though, it’s better to keep the part just off center so the face isn’t split down the middle. For Amanda, the most striking element is the contrast. Pale makeup, blonde hair, red lip, and piercing eyes combine to make the features stark, yet delightful. For tips on blowdrying long, straight hair, click style notes. 

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp and make a center-part that stays just off center. From roots to ends, mist liberally with set and style spray. From mid-shaft to tips, apply defrizz serum.

Step: Following a roots to tip path, blowdry in small sections with paddle brush. Focus on creating smoothness and straightness.

Step: Once dry, mist ends with hydro mist. Now twist the ends and blast with heat, creating the soft curvature you see on the ends of Amanda’s look. Spritz finished style with primp working spray for malleable hold and flyaway defense.

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