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Image: www.arrojonyc.com

This image is taken from Inter-Mixture, a new collection imagined by Lina Arrojo. Using American Wave, a pioneering, ammonia-free, ionic permanent waving system that enables stylists to create wavy and curly and beachy textures to go with modern classic colors and signature scissor and razor cuts, we love the soft and springy spirals that define this style. Learn how to steal the look in the notes. 

Step: Unless you have a naturally curly hair texture, get an American Wave Permanent Texture Service from a Certified American Wave Specialist. As the originator of the service ARROJO NYC has three locations all offering American Wave. Alternatively, view the American Wave Salon Locator for a nationwide list of Certified American Wave Salons.

Step: At home, daily styling should be easy, as you’ve now got permanent texture to play with. To begin, apply styling whip to damp hair to create a lustrous base.

Step: Cocktail curl control and curl enhancer and work through damp hair; cup and scrunch the hair gently to encourage a natural curl formation. Alternatively, diffuse dry by using a diffuser attachment on your dryer.

Inter-Mixture Credits: 

Hair Cut & Style: Lina Arrojo, Rea Winter using ARROJO Product

Hair Color & Texture: Zach Norman using Goldwell Professional Hair Color & ARROJO American Wave

Photo: Cody Lidtke

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