We love shapes that blur the lines between masculine and feminine like this modern short style. Although it may seem extreme, this shape is actually highly versatile, capable of looking hard or soft. Going extra short underneath removes weigh from the hair and creates swing, movement, and texture. The hair on top can be worn over the shorter area, slicked back into a pompadour, or even wound into a topknot. Click through the style notes for simple steps to achieving this look.

Step: Undercutting is a technique that can be incorporated into a variety of shapes for both men and women; try a short panel at the nape of a bob, on one side of a pixie, or framing the entire hairline.

Step: Contrasting colors show off the variation in length. Take the shorter section a bit darker to enhance the visual depth or add a vibrant shade to the longer areas as shown.

Step: Complex hairstyles look their best when well groomed. Pomade and cream wax are both great choices for keeping hair where you want it. Use either product for flexible hold that can be reworked throughout the day.

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