Changing your hair color or cut is a big decision that is often carefully thought out before making the final commitment. Some people may not see it as dramatic of a change that it is, but the reality is that a new do will affect the way you do your makeup and wear your clothes. It’s a head-to-toe transformation that we’d like to try on before we buy, and the way to imagine yourself in celebrity hairdos is by using your handy smartphone or tablet.

Style icons are making it easier to steal their looks via mobile; the Kardashians have released their own set of apps to connect with their followers worldwide. Launches like these have paved the way for developers to explore other beauty and style-themed apps, from Teen Vogue’s interning adventure at their Fashion Closet to Spin Genie’s Cleopatra game which has the queen luring players in with her beauty and wonderful hairstyles. Games such as these appeal to a slew of demographics because they have the marketable gravitation pull to attract new consumers and influence how they dress, curate their fashion sense and wear their hair. To our advantage, there are also a number of apps and websites out there that let you experiment with different do’s and colors using an uploaded selfie. It’s just what we need when you want a new makeover.

Here’s the most interesting and exciting hairstyling apps of the day. . .

InStyle Hairstyle Try-On

Probably one of the most popular and heavily marketed apps in this category is InStyle’s Try On. Available for free on iPad, the app has a huge database of star-studded styles that can be adjusted to your face. New looks are added daily, and all of them are categorized to help you narrow down what you are looking for. Also, the app provides personalized recommendations based on your recent searches if you are still unsure of what looks to go for.

Hair Color Premium

Don’t know what color to dye your hair next? Hair Color Premium is a realistic hair color simulator</a> that shows the true color of dyes, as the color corresponds to actual shades. It’s a paid app, but it’s the closest that you will get to dying your hair without actually dying it. For the best results, make sure your photo is one of you with a solid background.

Hair Style Changer

Hair Style Changer is a fun app and has a simple interface which lets you virtually try on different wigs, though you may also use one of their avatars that is similar to your own facial structure. This is great for men too who want to try a new look, which includes hairstyles and facial hair.

Guest Article by Sam Jenkins

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