Super stylist Tim Duenas lead a team of stylists to create the hairstyles for models for Callula Lillibelle at their Fashion Week presentation. The hairstyles were a nod to styles of the past to match clothing of the same influence. Click through for more photos, and style notes on how to get the Lillibelle look.

Step: Part your hair at a deep side part. Use pins to section off hair at the top of your crown. (See photos) Flat iron and smooth out any flyways. This part of your hair will stay smooth while the rest gets curls and volume. Spray with shine spray for a glossy effect.

Step: Pulse texture cream through the rest of your hair. Curl your hair from the crown down while spraying with holding spray. Once finished curling, let curls set for 5-10 minutes.

Step: Comb out your curls. This will create looser curls, but tons of texture.

Step: Start pinning the length of your hair underneath itself. This will create the look of a bob without a chop. Continue pinning until all of your hair is the same length. Finish with more holding spray.

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