We are happy to announce a new weekly segment that will be featured on Style Noted called Wednesday Wisdom. We have teamed up with ARROJO, the cutting-edge NYC hair salon pioneered by the world-renowned stylist, Nick Arrojo. Some of you may know him from his time spent on TLC’s What Not To Wear or from his many hair shows around the globe. His modern creative hair cutting and styling techniques have been passed down to his talented students and stylists at each of  his salon locations.

We will be teaming up with ARROJO to bring you straight from the salon beauty wisdom.  In a time of alternative facts, you cant trust everything you read online. Here at Style Noted, we want our readers to get the highest caliber information on everything hair and beauty. ARROJO is the best of the best in hair care, color, and style as well as product knowledge.

Today we talked to stylist Kevin Baker, a graduate of the ARROJO Cosmetology program. He blitzed the advanced curriculum to become a full-time stylist at the ARROJO SoHo location.

I asked him about the ever-so-trendy textured wave look that has been dominating not only the streets but also our Instagram feeds.

All you need is two products: wave mist and styling whip



Follow these simple steps to achieve this salon-inspired look from home!

Step 1: Apply the wave mist liberally to damp hair (10-15 sprays)

Step 2: Use a tennis ball size of styling whip and scrunch it into the ends. Use the remaining product on your roots.

Step 3: Use a wide tooth comb or detangling brush and brush though the entire head to really saturate product from roots to ends.

Step 4: Shake from roots and scrunch ends to reactive natural texture

3 Ways to Finish

  • Air Dry: Allow hair to dry at natural state, scrunch at roots
  • Diffuse: Using a diffuser attachment circulating around the head, flip center mohawk section from side to side to allow manipulation of volume
  • Hot Tools: Blow dry to 100% & style with curling wand, wrapping sections in alternate directions to encourage a more natural look.

Follow Kevin on Instagram @mrkeebles to see some of his creative styling. Call ARROJO SOHO 212-242-7786 to book an appointment with Kevin today!

If you have any questions of your own or any looks you want me to ask the ARROJO team, please comment below and I will be happy to feature your question next week! Trying out this look? #WednesdayWisdom with your picture for a chance to be featured on the blog!

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