Ashley makes a hit out of this basic long layer cut with classic golden blonde color by adding subtle and dynamic touches of style and class. The micro braid adds the beatnik spirit; the flash of red adds the colorful charm. Impish braids are great for keeping hair off the face and putting special interest into the look, without the work of more complicated entwines. To try bold colors without the commitment, try hair chalking –– the simple use of chalk to temporarily apply a new hue.

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Apply styling creme, roots to ends.

Step: Rough dry hair using hands and blowdryer. Simply blast dry while pushing hair around.

Step: Create a side part. On the long side of the part, take a one-to-one-and-a-half inch hair strand and divide in two. Create an entwine by wearing the two strands into each other. Keep it loose. Use a pin to fix braid into the shape.

Step: To add a splash of color without the commitment, try hair chalking.

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