We love the brute toughness of a classic pixie, but going short doesn’t mean looking like a man. This highly textured example is full of femininity: eyebrow grazing fringe, soft edges, and piece-y face framing bits that give the style beautifying appeal. The golden blonde on top gives way to a silvery, ashy, almost blue beige blonde that is as sultry as it is trendy.  Click through for simple steps to creating this look.

Step: Ask your stylist to cut your pixie with a razor. The straightedge blade tool will taper and blur the edges of the shape and is great for quick transitions from short to long, creating space and softness.

Step: This cut would work with any color, but blonde shades show off internal movement best. Ask your colorist what tone and vibrancy is most flattering for you.

Step: Short hair creates a lot of different styling options. Try texture paste for mussy looks and matte finishes, use pomade for high shine and separation, go with hair creme for the laid back elegance of soft control.

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