Claire Danes put knickers in a twist when she arrived at this year’s Emmys dressed in a newly ‘bobbed’ hair cut –– or so we thought. It’s actually a piece of very clever hairstyling. The locks have been delicately and elegantly curled under her chin with pins used to set the style in place, and a swooshing, curvaceous side-part used to frame her features. Recreating this at home is easier than you think, especially if the style need only hold up for a few hours. If you’ve long hair and fancy a faux bob change-up, click style notes. 

Step 1: Leave hair unwashed –– a bit of grit will also help it hold the shape –– and start by misting mid-lengths and ends with protective thickening lotion.

Step 2: Now use a 1-inch curling iron to curl ends inwards and up, out of the way. Use pin-curl clips to pin curls (inwards), mist generously with holding spray and allow to cool.

Step 3: Once cool, release pin curl clips. Mist again with holding spray. Curls should now stay put, leaving you with a faux bob shape.

Step 4: Side-part hair, sweeping it across the eye line for a nice, open face frame. To add a touch of vintage glamor, use one big hair pin to hold the part to the side.

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