style noted

Much of the time a simple thought to go darker in winter and lighter in summer is all we need to do to keep our hair colors appropriately seasonal. But with new technologies and trends, hair color is evolving, and avant-garde hues are permeating the mainstream, making the most fashionable looks a lot more adventurous than your average single process or highlight. To stay on the pulse, you must first be abreast of your options. To see what we’re seeing for autumn-winter, click style notes…

Chocolate Brown & Highlights: A color ideal for every day autumn-winter wear. The dark tones suit darker days and paler complexions; the softness of the color softens features. A few subtle highlights will add just enough pop.

Mahogany Reds: Reds have been florid and flamboyant during the summer, but now it is time to pair it down. Deeper, sultrier single-tone reds are this seasons go-to.

Ombre In Reverse: Ombre is here to stay, but now you can reverse the dip dye, going from light to dark instead of dark to light. Create a gradual melting effect for the best interpretation of this trend.

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