This is an archetypal long layered cut, hugely popular because it’s such a feminine, easy-to-wear hairstyle. Layers really help to create the feeling of thick, healthy hair, while side-swept bangs have shape and movement, and are a natural fit for her face, accentuating her strong cheekbones. The cool blonde tone completes a classic and chic look.

Step: This style is noted for being so effortlessly casual, so don’t over finish. Apply a few sprays of Set & Style Spray from roots to ends and rough dry hair using fingers to move the hair around.
Step: As hair gets close to dry, continue to blowdry, using fingers to smooth and detangle the side and back sections.
Step: Time to create beach waves on the ends! Simply spritz some more pumps of Set & Style Sprayalong the final few inches of the hair shaft. Now take a large barrel curling iron, wrap big sections around the iron, allow to curl, release and tousle with fingers.
Step: Do this on all sections you want to beach wave and get ready to be classic and chic.
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