beach wavesIndependence Day is for fun and frolics by the beach or the BBQ. The laid back vibes and the timing of the Holiday give you a chance to let your hair down, and wear a style that complements these easy-going times. With the fashion for beachy looks, lived-in perfectly imperfect textural wave cascades offer a free-wheeling style to celebrate your independence. Get ready for the weekend with the quick how-to in the notes below.

Step: For styling, cocktail styling creme with curl enhancer. Use a nickel of each. Apply roots to ends of damp, towel-dried hair.

Step: Working from roots to mid-lengths, blowdry with flat paddle brush, keeping the hair at the roots straight.

Step: A few inches down the hair shaft, take small sections and wrap into tight twists around two or three fingers. Hold onto these twists and, one by one, blowdry them up and down with the nozzle always pointing down. This creates soft waves.

Step: For more defined waves, mist side-sections with protective thickening lotion and, a few strands at a time, wind hair onto curling iron or wand. Hold, then release. Repeat anywhere extra waves are needed or desired.

Step: Tousle the shape with fingers. Mist refinish dry shampoo into roots to instantly lift up texture and volume.

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