Exciting news today as “Soul Surfer” star –– and blossoming style darling –– AnnaSophia Robb got cast as the shoe-loving, man-crazy Manhattanite in the CW network’s new series “The Carrie Diaries,” the prequel to “Sex and the City.”  We want to see some ridiculously eighties hair and style from early days Carrie and Co, but for now Sophia is strutting her way to the top with a zeitgeist blond beach wave with center-part. An easy and natural style for pretty and youthful looks, pinning one side of the part back is an inventive way to casually open out the features of the face.

Step: Use a comb to create a loose center-part on damp, towel-dried hair .

Step: Liberally mist hair with Set & Style Spray.

Step: Let it air dry. As it does, use hands to scrunch and twist hair tip to root. This helps encourage natural texture to take shape.

Step: When dry, mist Thermal Protector anywhere you want to increase the wave. Wrap pieces of this hair around a 1-inch curling iron, hold for a few seconds, and release –– this adds casual waves.

Step: Pull back and pin one side of the side part using bobby pins. Don’t make it too perfect.

Step: Mist style with Holding Spray for support and shine.

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