If you’re anything like us, you hit the snooze button one too many times in the morning, and then you get a spontaneous invitation to a evening soiree for which you must look good. Because we haven’t got time for time-consuming beauty routines, we’ve learned to be prepared. Knowing the right techniques and having the proper tools within reach is essential to quick and easy beautifying. For our tips on getting a wow-factor look in five minutes flat, click style notes. — Michelle Rotbart 

For Refreshing Dirty Stands: Second day hair is the theme here. Use refinish dry shampoo on days you don’t want to wet shampoo. It cleans hair without water and absorbs excess oils while instantly adding texture and volume –– a miracle style rescue. Spray into hair, brush out and restyle.

For Textured Waves: Separate hair in to two pigtails and finger in a dab of curl enhancer. Twist and coil into buns and blow dry with a diffuser. Let hair sit for five minutes and then release –– instant beach waves.

For Drying Hair Faster: When you’re running behind and hair is still damp, squeeze out water with paper towels instead of a regular bath towel. The softer texture of the paper is more absorbent and less aggressive than terry cloth towels.

For Soft Waves: Spray hair with protective thickening lotion and weave hair into two braids. Using a flat iron, glide up and town the braids several times to increase smoothness and beat flyaways. Let hair sit for a minute and release for an unfussy casual style.

For Perfect Updos: Use a hair donut, or make your own using a sock. (Cut off the end and roll on to itself). This styling tool creates the perfect rounded bun, secures hair, and makes styles last.

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