bella hadid

Starring in the spring cover story from Grey Magazine, Bella Hadid reminds us of the vintage flair of fashionable headscarves. The sultry brunette wears jumbled curls and messy styles with colorful kerchiefs wrapped in a variety of innovative and effortlessly chic ways, creating a cool modern take on the look made famous by Jackie O. This is a trending style for the summer season; learn more about it in the notes.

Step: Headscarves are a quick fix for a lot of common problems; they’re great for disguising dark roots, unruly bangs, or flyaways –– and they keep UV rays off of your head.

Step: Use the shapes and styles in the collage of images above to inspire your own design. Whether you leave a few tendrils out or place the wrap behind a heavy fringe, avoid slicking hair back into the scarf, which can look overly severe.

Step: If you opt for a square scarf, be sure it is big enough to fold in half and still tie a knot or bow around your head. Alternatively, embrace more detailed ideas like using long narrow scarves for tying elaborate bows that accent the shape of your hairstyle.

Step: Use curl enhancer, wave mist, and a loose blowdry to create a tousled texture to accent headscarves. Apply product and twist sections of hair around two fingers. Now blowdry these twists with the nozzle pointing down. This will create a loose, wavy and cascading shape.

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