Image: Vogue Paris. Courtesy

Gigi Hadid may be the bigger social media star, but Bella Hadid is a darling of the glossies. In a surprising twist, this editorial from Vogue Paris – which highlights Dior’s Spring Collections – combines high fashions from the French label with an armor and swords fencing story. Perhaps someone was looking to score points in the influencer stakes? Bella’s beauty and the dreamy Dior designs create a captivating editorial but what catches our eye is the slicked back hairstyle. It reminds us of the power and the beauty of a sleek off the face look. It’s a great way to make cheekbones appear stronger and higher while adding drama to any look. There’s more inspirational photos from this collection after the drop. 

Bella-Hadid-Dior-Vogue-Paris-2017-Photoshoot07 Bella-Hadid-Dior-Vogue-Paris-2017-Photoshoot05 Bella-Hadid-Dior-Vogue-Paris-2017-Photoshoot04 Bella-Hadid-Dior-Vogue-Paris-2017-Photoshoot02



Photographer : Mario Sorrenti







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