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This is an interesting one from actress, Bella Thorne. Out and about to attend the Imagen Awards in Beverly Hills, one could call her hairstyle an artful combination of two trends in one; or, such is the difference betwixt the two sides, it could be seen as having trouble deciding which one of two hairstyles to choose. There’s a lot of multi-texture in New York right now, so we’re inclined to give Bella the benefit of the doubt, especially as the combination of bouncy side-swept curls on one side and a bunch of itsy-bitsy braids on the other creates a beautiful, asymmetrical face-frame within a surprising, hybrid style. Easier to recreate than what you might think, find out styling tips in style notes…

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Cocktail volume foam and styling whip and work through hair, roots to ends. Blow-dry smooth and voluminous with boar bristle round brush.

Step: Make a side-part. Push and/or clip long side of part out of the way. Plan where your mini braids will be and spray these areas with refinish dry shampoo for texture and grit. Take fine sections of hair and split into two. Now twine these two strands together, working them under the mass of hair in the back. Using elastic to secure and repeat a few times, so you have three or four mini braids all swooping under the hair in the back.

Step: Release the long side, mist with primp working spray, and use a curling iron or wand to create soft, romantic waves that tumble down the neck and shoulders.

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