Reminiscent of the tumbling, peek-a-boo glamor wave of 1940s style icon, Veronica Lake, Beyonce wore this style for her new H&M ad campaign. Full of feminine mystique, the look benefits from the asymmetrical, short to long face-frame and the tumbling wave cascade. Beyonce’s sweeping hair and seductive gaze epitomize timeless Hollywood glamor, while the ornate accessory adds visual balance to the look. Beach waves are back in fashion for spring and summer; this style fits that modern trend, yet retains old world elegance and class –– perfect for an occasion. To create the look, the key ingredient is a consistent wave pattern. To learn how to do it, click style notes.

Step: Make a deep side-part and mist whole head liberally with protective thickening lotion and set & style spray. Make a deep side part. Clip hair on long side of this part away (for now).

Step: Now curl the section above your ear on the short side of the part, using a 1-to-2 inch barreled curling iron. Tuck and pin this side behind the ear.

Step:  Release long side of part and curl in the same fashion as previous step. Make curls all over. doing exactly the same thing, making curls right next to each other for a perfect pattern.

Step: Once you’re happy with the curl pattern on the long side, switch sides and repeat. On both sides, the curl will be more pronounced –– think Shirley Temple! –– than how you envisage the final look to be. That’s ok, we’ll be brushing curls out in a few…!

Step: While still warm from the iron, mist all curls with primp working spray. Allow to cool.

Step: After everything cools, take the fine side of a comb and start combing through curls. As you comb around the entire head, the curl pattern will join together.

Step: Keep gently combing, gently combing….If you are unhappy with the shape of any curls, now is the time to perfect their shape by going back in with the iron.

Step: Now your perfect, vintage curl pattern should emerge. Again, use hands, comb, or iron if you need to polish the aesthetic. Use a colorful accessory, like Beyonce’s flower, to help tuck back the short side, while a more ornate finish. Now spritz of holding spray for extra support, and you are good to go.

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