summer bangs

Bangs can be a tough look to have in the summer. Big, thick, and blunt bangs can be even harder. So why would you try to pull this off on the warm months? Because heavy hair like this can look striking and beautiful with the flowing and delicate dresses and tops of summer. Click the notes for tips on how to pull off this not so summer hairstyle. –– Kelly Rowe

Wear the rest of your hair big and wavy. The bigger and curlier your hair is the more it will distract if your bangs get a little out of place. It’s inevitable that you are going to get a bit of bend or flattening with humidity. If your lengths have bend also, bangs won’t as noticeable.

Layer dry shampoo on the underside. Dry shampoo will absorb any sweat or moisture. Do not put it on the top of your fringe, put it underneath to keep the lift and the shape.

Get a keratin treatment only on your bangs. Not many people realize you don’t need to keratin your whole head. If you have thick bangs and you love them, get a keratin treatment and you will save yourself tons of work all summer. The keratin treatment will keep frizz at bay even on the most humid day.


By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.

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