What’s not to love about a disheveled, lived-in looking, devil-may-care ponytail….It’s sexy, it’s street, it’s oh-so-trendy, and it looks terrific day or night. What makes it look that way is the texture created before being put in a pony –– the right preparation is always the foundation of a great hairstyle, pony or not. We love hair with an undone finish and Blake shows us why it’s such a desirable look.

Step: Get a lived-in texture by applying refinish dry shampoo to dry hair. Apply at crown, shake and brush out.

Step: Wrap random sections of hair around curling iron to create texture and separation.

Step: Use elastic to tie back into a ponytail.

Step: Increase the texture in the tail by reapplying Refinish dry shampoo. Be liberal, and shake and tousle, piece and separate.

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