Blake Lively has the wow factor. Following the trend for retro hair (that began in earnest at Fall Fashion Week), here she sports a style from the Golden Age of Hollywood. What makes this such a timeless look is the asymmetrical shape and the tumbling wave cascade. To attain the same swashbuckling undulations of tousle and flow, roller-set hair.

Step: On wet hair, liberally apply set & style spray and styling creme. Wind mid-size rollers onto hair.

Step: Allow to air dry overnight for your strongest ‘set.’ Alternatively, blowdry with a diffuser for speed.

Step: Once hair is dry and cool, unwind rollers.  Gently brush out the set until full-blown curls become ‘S’ shaped waves.

Step: Create a side part. Tuck the short side behind ear and pin. Allow the long side to tumble down the eye line, over neck and shoulders.

Step: Mist final style with holding spray to fix and hold.

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