A wonderful summer look from celebrity stunner, Blake Lively. The mix of bejeweled pencil skirt, tight tank top, and tousled tresses exudes red carpet style and class combined with breezy and easy summer trends. For anyone with length, the artfully rumpled hair is actually quite simple to do. The none-too-perfect finish can be achieved with a blowdryer, hands, and product; its sexy negligence is suited to fashion and beauty trends, and to laid-back summer days. For tips on achieving a similar look, click style notes.

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Work styling whip from mid lengths to ends. Blowdry hair with hands. To encourage natural texture, toss hair from side to side as you dry. Down both sides, create little twists of hair in hands and blowdry these twists up and down with the nozzle pointing down.

Step: Once dry, amp the volume and sea-salt texture by pulsing in layers of refinish dry shampoo and shaking and tousling hair as you do.

Step: If you want more wave and movement, apply some protective thickening lotion and use a curling wand to artfully wave and curl a few pieces here and there. The finish should show perfectly imperfect tousle and flow.

Step: Add soft asymmetry by pushing one side of part behind ear while allowing the other side to tumble down neck and shoulders.

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