Nominally, blow-outs and roller-sets conjure images of romantic, pretty, commercial hair. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. With extreme volume, super smoothness, and gorgeous, billowing shape this long length with minimal layering –– i.e: a very, very basic cut –– is turned into a vanguard look. Volume like this is an attention-grabbing way to wear the hair –– save for date night or party time with the girls!

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Turn head upside down and liberally apply volume foam at the roots.

Step: Keep head upside down as you blowdry on high heat. Blowdry in at the roots while using hands to lift hair up, creating maximum root lift. Continue till hair is dry and warm.

Step: Part hair in the middle. For most people very slightly off of center works better than dead center. With hair still warm, wind mid-size velcro rollers onto hair. Allow hair to cool and unwind rollers –– about ten or fifteen minutes. This quick roller set will aid fullness and, especially, smoothness.

Step: Brush hair out. Focus on a full shape.

Step: For a final hit of texture and volume, mist Refinish dry shampoo through the style and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch –– it will instantly swell and bulge the texture.

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