Switching from brunette to blonde to pastel pink, Demi Lovato’s hair has been undergoing some crazy color transformations lately. Her latest hue is a bright ocean blue, which covers the tips of her hair in an ombre. Not many people could pull off such a bold color, but somehow it works for Demi. The lagoon blue is an ideal color for summer, and Demi tones it down perfectly by mixing it with her blonde locks on top.

Step: If your hair is dark, you’ll need to prelighten the ends to a light blonde color.

Step: Ask your colorist for a soft turquoise color like Demi’s. For best results, your colorist should hand-paint the hue.

Step: Preserve color and shine with color save shampoo and conditioner.

Step: If you want to achieve this look without completely committing to blue tips, you can also try hair chalking, which is much less permanent.

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