Chin length styles are a timeless look that are always classic, always contemporary. This length requires minimal styling and, if hair is relatively straight, will turn under naturally. Bobs are easy to customize; add some layers, taper the edge, or embellish with a bang, and the shape takes on a whole new mood. This is a length that works on just about everyone, but personal tailoring is key. When selecting your perfect bob there is a lot to consider, both in terms of your natural texture and density, and your sense of style. Generally thick or coarse hair needs more layering and texturizing while fine or thin hair will benefit from crisp edges and stacked exteriors. The short length prevents ends from getting too wispy even on finer hair types, and provide structure for thick hair. The key to a perfect bob is all in the details. Read on for a pictorial guide to fine tuning this archetypal shape. –– Laura Martin 

Geometric Detailing: A crisp-lined shape with a carved outside, strong bang, or asymmetrical front offers a bold, futuristic take on the classic, especially when combined with a vanguard pastel color. Delicate features and fine textures will gain strength from blunt, unbroken edges.


Swinging Texture: Internal movement and soft, weightless ends give the classic bob a sleek, organic update. Lots of internal texture makes styling a breeze whether your desired finish is smooth or piecey.



Romantic A-Line: This softer version of a bob curves and slants, replacing sharp lines with soft diagonals. The extra length around the face gives the shape a flirty feeling and makes hair look thicker.


Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted 

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