braided wreath

Perusing spring runways is a great way to find vanguard hairstyling inspiration. A little complex it may be, but Mara Hoffman’s wandering-warrior-goddess braided look is majestic and regal and ethereal and hip. The pictured runway style was made with extensions, yet anyone with long lengths can create a version of this look; learn how in the notes.

Step: On dry hair, pulse refinish dry shampoo into shape to add gritty texture that will help the braid grip. Create a center-part using comb.

Step: Gather hair from the top, back and sides and, across the center, make a chunky three-strand braid that goes from ear to ear like a crown and then curves behind the ear on each side, ambling down and inwards in the back.

Step: In the back, transition the braids into pigtails and twine them together. If this is the last of your length create a deconstructed messy knot; if you have more length, use elastics to tie off two ponytails, as seen in the image.

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