A beautiful bohemian look goes glamorous with bold blonde color. For this look, softer rimmed floppy or bucket style hats work best. Style hair normally, letting it flow down naturally, and then put on a hat! If bangs are long, push them to the side, or tuck them being the ear, pinning them in with pins or clips.

Step: Ask the colorist for a full head of highlights. Ask for a few different shades of blonde for natural depth and dimension. To get more blonde coverage, ask to have the ends between the foils painted with lightener.

Step: Apply Styling Whip, roots to ends of damp hair. Allow to air dry, but scrunch the hair as it dries. Go from tip to root scrunching as one might squeeze a stress ball, only gentler.

Step: When close to dry, apply Texture Paste to ends and scrunch them some more to encourage tousled texture.

Step: Adorn with a favorite hat. To be a boho queen, keep most of the hair out of the hat.

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