Bonnie, the lovely blogger behind Flashes of Style, constantly dazzles us with her feminine and trendy outfits. Apparently she’s also an expert on staying stylish in the heat, because she recently posted a photo of this adorable top bun. Paired with a light scarf to keep hair out of the eyes, it creates a retro summer look. With a few strands of hair down, this loose bun is the chicest way to keep cool.

Step: Pulse and scrunch Refinish Dry Shampoo into hair to create texture for the bun.

Step: Use a flat brush to brush all hair towards the top of the head. Gather into a ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Step: Loosely wind hair around the ponytail, creating a round bun. Pin into place.

Step: Pull out a few loose pieces to frame the face, then tie a small scarf around the top of the head to keep hair out of the eyes.

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