Oversized scarves and slouchy hats are some of our favorite fall adornments, but may look a bit strange around the house or office. A braided cap provides an eye-catching alternative. Yarn-like texture and a loose shape give this twined look a cozy appeal. The braided floret is a perfect accent for the plaited brim. The lengths left out at the back keep the look soft and romantic. Try this charming skimmer on for size with our easy Style Notes…

Step: Apply a quarter size dollop of hair crème to mid-lengths and ends and allow hair to air dry; this will maximize natural texture. Make a deep side part using the corner of the eye as a guide.

Step: Beginning at the front hairline, take three small sections and braid hair incorporating additional strands from the top side of the braid. Work around the head, using light tension to avoid making a helmet. When a rosette is desired, plait the hair straight down without incorporating additional strands. Wrap ends into concentric circles and secure with bobby pins.

Step: Continue braiding around the head, incorporating hair from the top until opposite side is reached. If desired, add free falling braids into additional strands. Finish with primp working spray for soft flexible hold.

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