We already showed you an avant garde hanging ponytail from Paris couture week, but now we are back with a more wearable runway style. At his haute couture show, Elie Saab accented his ladylike gowns with an equally feminine hairstyle, displaying elaborate braided buns on his models.  In this style, two french braids begin at the hairline and make their way back to form a chunky plaited bun. This lovely look would be appropriate anywhere from the beach to the red carpet; we can’t wait to see some celebs rocking it!

Step: Pulse Refinish dry shampoo into damp hair to add texture.

Step: Use a comb to create a center part from the front of the head to the nape of the neck, so you have two even sections of hair.

Step: On one side, separate a small section of hair at the hairline and begin braiding. If you want to perfectly replicate the look from Elie Saab, braid the hair under instead of over.

Step: As you braid towards the back of the head, add small sections of hair to the braid. Continue to French braid down the head.

Step: When you reach the nape of the neck, keep braiding until you reach the end of the hair and secure with an elastic.

Step: Repeat on the other side of the head.

Step: Once both sections are braided, wind them around each other at the nape of the neck to create a chunky bun. Pin into place and spritz with holding spray.

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