flower braid

A braided rosette makes wearing blooms in your hair an everyday possibility. The slightly undone twine mixed with tousled waves is pretty, effortless, and eye-catching.The style has a romantic feeling, perfect for pairing with flowing summer dresses and brightly printed tops. For added flower-child appeal, embellish with a few fresh blossoms. Create this boho style in your bathroom by following a few simple steps. – Laura Martin

Step: Spray locks with hydro mist and scrunch gently to encourage waves. Add a few pumps of set and style and dry with a diffuser until all moisture is gone. If more movement is desired, curl random strands around a styling wand for 10 seconds, to create loose, natural curls. 

Step: Beginning in the right temple, pick up three strands of hair and twine together in a classic plait. Work to the ends and secure with a hair band, then repeat on the left. Pull the two braids around the parietal ridge, forming a circlet. Pin one atop the other at the back of the head.

Step: Take the tail of the top braid and wrap in a circle, tucking ends underneath. Pin in place, then pull apart to make the petals of the flower. If desired, create a third braid, directly below the rose from three new strands of hair.

Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted

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