The past few seasons are synonymous with the resurgence of braids; seen in editorials, blogs, and on runways, entwines have gone from fad to must-have. A new era of twining brings with it a variety of interesting plaits, like the asymmetry-creating side-braids. As the evolution continues, we are now seeing micro braids on the catwalks, in magazines, and on the street. Used to decorate simple styles, micro braids are quick and easy to do, chic and beatnik, and you don’t have to be a weaving master to look great. Click through to style notes to learn how to create some of my favorites itsy-bitsy braided looks. –– Michelle Rotbart 

The Boho Braid

Create by parting hair at the center and taking a small section around the the face and braiding. Pull toward the back of the head and secure with pins. It’s cute to do an asymmetrical look. Make several braids on on the right side of your head and then only one on the left.

The Tie Back Braid

Using a section of hair in from your ear, weave a plait on each side of the head and secure together at the back using pins or an elastic. Fluff hair underneath. This is a nice style to keep hair out of your face while keeping it flowing.

The Accent Braid 

Create several tiny scattered braids around the crown and pull back. Secure with pins or elastic. Pull length into a low messy bun and spray with primp.

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