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Two simple plaits divided by a center part is a simple style but add a few bold details and it is transformed into an extraordinary look. Touches of primary hues, a loose, undone finish, and powdery roots add a fairytale quality to this vanguard style. The model’s pale, monochromatic makeup and smokey, shadowed eyes give her an intense, sultry look that keeps her braids from feeling too simple. This look is a great example of how even the simplest of styles can be transformed into trailblazing high fashion with a few special touches. Read on for tips on revamping your favorite classics. –– Laura Martin 

Step: Support texture with product. If you want an airy, featherweight look, prep with refinish dry shampoo; for more structure and hold, use primp working spray.

Step: Get a clean base. Even if you want a messy finish, start with clean texture and get the basic look as neat as possible. A bun, braid or twist are good, classic structural shapes for creating an interesting finish. The simple foundation will ground a whimsical look.

Step: Get creative. Combs, brushes, and even your fingertips are great tools for adding texture. Pull apart the shape you’ve created, use hair chalk for some bright tendrils and tips, or add accessories. Don’t be afraid to experiment, the most memorable looks are often gorgeous accidents.


Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted 

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