Featured on the cover of Shape Magazine’s June issue, Britney Spears looks back to her best. With an all over radiant glow, her golden blonde locks are shaped in the au courant style: tousled, cascading beach waves. One of the best things about this look is that it’s not meant to be tooperfect, so it’s easy to recreate, and works for casual weekend jaunts, whether at the beach or not. For our tips on making waves, click style notes.

 Step: Work shine luxe oil through damp hair. Blowdry hair in hands, tousling and scrunching, twisting and shaking as you do. This helps natural texture shine through.

Step: Once dry, mist in healing oil and then use an curling iron or wand to curl hair away from face on both sides, in the front and back.

Step: Once curled, use brush or hands to break up the curls until they form an undulating wave pattern that flows all around the neck and shoulders. If more volume and texture is desired finish with a few blasts of refinish dry shampoo.

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